Arty Workshops At Long Last!



It’s been a little while since my last post, I am very busy and important you see Β *scoffs* :D. Between working, working, sleeping and, well, working I actually managed to do something arty! And at the place where, what feels like eons ago, I used to study different art styles before the Foxlowe Exhibition Asteroid hit! Now it’s all meetings, minutes, advertising and more meetings!

Anyway, yesterday we all went over to the University of Derby *nostalgic sigh*. It was lovely to go back, unfortunately we didn’t go to Kedleston Road where I studied, but to the Britannia Mill campus which had art studios to die for! I was beyond envious of all the work space and, well, art everywhere; it was a lovely environment to be in!

We were there for a Β solar printmaking workshop. So using our own artwork printed onto acetate, we made plates to put different coloured inks onto and print beautiful images onto very luxurious paper. I am so very, very proud of mine! I’ll be framing them and putting them in an art exhibition we have on the 3rd of December Β at the Foxlowe in Leek, so hopefully everyone likes them as much as I do.

Aside from having mini-breakdowns whenever I’m reminded of how many weeks left until the exhibition or our deadlines aka. the impending doom of PRESENTATION DAY! And existential crises whenever I watch the news, all is good! I’m slowly progressing with my main piece which is based on the ocean and mythology so, mermaids *squeals* :D.

Now, I’m off for several shots of gin before I carry on with exhibition and main piece planning