So, the end is nigh! After preparing our work for the exhibition, we are on the home stretch towards opening Astound and then maintaining the exhibition as it runs. Despite there being a few hiccups along the way, the exhibition … Continue reading

Floral Design


So, this weeks installment will see a bit of a turnaround in the “I’m doing menu illustration!” affair. I have decided that instead of menu illustration – which though it is very diverse, did not really get the creative juices flowing for me – I will focus on *pause for effect* Floral Design! I will be changing focus to illustrating flowers, experimenting with various product designs in relation to various species. I feel that this has inspired me much more than the prospect of menu illustration and this is a good start!

I want to look at stationary, textile design (as a technique rather than for a finished main piece just because), greetings cards and surface pattern in relation to crockery design.

There are so many techniques I can explore and the ones that really jump out at me are collage, paper cutting, silk-screen printing, lino print and mono-printing and stitch.

Below are some examples of inspiration a la Pinterest, so I can keep these in mind and work towards them!



Owls and Exhibitions!


So, the past few months have been a bit of a blur! Preparing for the Astound exhibition in Leek has eclipsed everything as it always does, but I’m so very, very proud of my work.

I’ve been crafting like crazy as well as preparing my work and it’s just been busy and hectic and worrisome and wonderful! I just have some stewarding to do at the exhibition and then that’s it for the summer! And I am unashamed to say that my summer “project” is mostly to do with playing through all the Pokèmon games, and earning the badges my mum bought me all over again *pause for clear, unembarrassing awesomeness :’D* and partly to do with coming up with my final project!

So here are a few peeks at my crafts and art pieces for the exhibition, enjoy!







*Tips hat in a gentlemanly fashion* :’D

It’s done! Even the dreaded… *dundunduuun* PRESENTATION DAY!!! And I think I took about three breaths – on purpose! GO TEAM ANXIETY!

The presentations are getting easier, I’m talking about Art so that’s a plus but then there’s the talking in front of people… My group are a lovey bunch so they’ve helped me with half the battle, at least.

So, since all the work is submitted apart from the one last dastardly case study, I had a chance to create on my own terms. I could doodle if I wanted, without something niggling in the back of my mind. I could experiment with watercolours, and boy did I! I can’t believe I’ve never delved more into them but, c’est la vie, better late than never! I created some lovely new characters and I was very proud of my main piece! I hope you all are too :).

So these are the fruits of my labours!




Arty Workshops At Long Last!



It’s been a little while since my last post, I am very busy and important you see  *scoffs* :D. Between working, working, sleeping and, well, working I actually managed to do something arty! And at the place where, what feels like eons ago, I used to study different art styles before the Foxlowe Exhibition Asteroid hit! Now it’s all meetings, minutes, advertising and more meetings!

Anyway, yesterday we all went over to the University of Derby *nostalgic sigh*. It was lovely to go back, unfortunately we didn’t go to Kedleston Road where I studied, but to the Britannia Mill campus which had art studios to die for! I was beyond envious of all the work space and, well, art everywhere; it was a lovely environment to be in!

We were there for a  solar printmaking workshop. So using our own artwork printed onto acetate, we made plates to put different coloured inks onto and print beautiful images onto very luxurious paper. I am so very, very proud of mine! I’ll be framing them and putting them in an art exhibition we have on the 3rd of December  at the Foxlowe in Leek, so hopefully everyone likes them as much as I do.

Aside from having mini-breakdowns whenever I’m reminded of how many weeks left until the exhibition or our deadlines aka. the impending doom of PRESENTATION DAY! And existential crises whenever I watch the news, all is good! I’m slowly progressing with my main piece which is based on the ocean and mythology so, mermaids *squeals* :D.

Now, I’m off for several shots of gin before I carry on with exhibition and main piece planning

Art and Things


So this is my very first post, on my very first blog; I feel like sipping a sherry to celebrate!

Well, first of all, a little about me I suppose. I’m currently studying Creative Art and Design at Leek College. I have already done a degree at Derby; English and Creative Writing I graduated in February this year, what an experience that was! It was wonderful, I felt very appreciated and patted on the back indeed! But I sort of panicked when I chose the degree, kidding myself that I didn’t want to do Art for the rest of my life (yeah right!), but English is a very flexible subject to have as a degree so I’m happy with it. I met some amazing people as well, and the lectures I had about phallus’ you would not believe! We surmised that that is all English literature is – phallus’ and the fact that you can never obtain one, no matter who you are! Deal with it!

Anyway, enough about phallus’. In my new area of study I’ve learnt so many new art techniques than I know what to do with! I hope to be an illustrator and currently work primarily with watercolour and fineliner pen.

I LOVE Disney, Studio Ghibli and animation altogether really. I also love gaming, among my favourites are Spyro, (I know) Pokemon, (I KNOW!) and Zelda of course!

I hope you enjoy my neurotic musings! 😀 ❤

In my fancy-pants cap 'n' gown!

Me in my fancy-pants cap ‘n’ gown!